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Ep. 15 Spiritual Direction + Finding Meaning

In the pursuit of meaning, is Spiritual Direction a helpful avenue? Three Spiritual Directors look at how Spiritual Direction intersects the universal questions of meaning and purpose, what it looks like to search for meaning as a Christian, and whether or not Direction is a space of answers.

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Ep. 14 Spiritual Direction + Belonging

Three Spiritual Directors discussing how Spiritual Direction is a resource on the journey of belonging with God, self, and others. Ally Ley, Stephen Milburn, and Carin delve into what it looks like to recalibrate our understanding and rewrite our narratives of how we belong. We talk about a loving God and how the desire to belong is met in the Direction space and in our journeys with God.

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Ep. 8 Spiritual Direction Panel: Who is Spiritual Direction For?

Who is Spiritual Direction for?  The panel takes on the questions of spiritual background, personality type, seasons of life, and gender while discussing who Spiritual Direction is for.  The cheater answer is… we think it’s for everyone, but we chat around who we find ourselves working with most. There’s a bonus contemplative space the last 7 minutes of the recording. 

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