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limitation of liability

Though we have a wealth of information on all things mental and emotional health and spiritual wellbeing, we are not giving you advice or prescription.  We are not liable for any outcome of any action taken because of the views or opinions mentioned on this site.  Through the communications of this site, we are not operating in our roles as Counselor or Spiritual Director because of the lack of one-on-one or face-to-face space: in other words, the communication via this site is not a Counselor-Client or Spiritual Director-Directee relationship and we are not liable.

a safe, respectful place

We believe that everyone has the Divine spark within them, that they are in fact made in the image of God and therefore, should be treated as such.  We do not tolerate badgering, harsh language, or trolling of any kind in our comments or anywhere else on our site.  Also, because of the religious nature of what we do, we don't tolerate any apologetics or religious debate that is in any air or mood other than inclusivity, open-mindedness, and respect.  We have the power and authority to deactivate accounts belonging to anyone that displays behavior not in line with this description.  We have the power and authority to delete any comments or content that go against this requirement.


We operate from Denver, Colorado.  This site, the services, and the products within are all made in and distributed from Denver, Colorado.  FODR is a DBA of Carin Huebner Fine Art LLC.