FODR runs on your support.  If you'd like to give to our general operating budget, click below and select 'Carin H.' from the drop-down menu.  FODR is currently nestled under the 501c3 umbrella of Urban Skye, so your donation is tax deductible.

Our general operating budget goes towards scholarships to our events and other in-person engagement, our event costs, compensation for the founders' time, continued education in transformation and techniques, as well as a number of developing projects we've not yet released.  Partner with us.  Questions?  Get in touch.


underwrite Our events


FODR small Space

Our March in-person engagement event that's a small space for a group of 10-15 people to share latest works for feedback and encouragement over small appetizers and drinks.

Sponsor food and beverages for $200

Sponsor creative's entry for $15/person OR $225 for everyone


FODR void/ether dinner

Our June in-person engagement event is a small (10-15) person dinner involving conversational space around what it looks like to pursue creativity and transformation in real life.  At FODR we're interested in the celebrations as well as the struggles of life.  There aren't a lot of spaces where we're able to truly describe the details of our struggles AND the beauty of our celebrations--this is what this table is for... the real, true expressions of what it's like to pursue this life.  

Sponsor food for $300

Sponsor drink for $100

Sponsor entry for $30/person or $450 for everyone


Artist Gathering

Our September in-person engagement event is Our largest FODR gathering with a completely open door.  We showcase an artist/creative who's pursuing a creative career full time.  Our conversation is less about the specifics about what they do or the details of what they make and more about who they are, what keeps them going, what it's been like to struggle and celebrate as a full-time creative/artist.

Sponsor food for $250

Sponsor drinks for $200

Sponsor individual's entry for $10/person or 20 individual's entry for $200