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Don’t give your life to doing and shoulds...

get intentional and experience an authentic being relationship with god

What can you expect from spiritual direction?

Deepening relationship with God

Deepening relationship with others

Growth in self-awareness, gratitude, and living from your whole-self versus responding to circumstances




How, God?

Why, God?

Where are You, God?

How could You, God?

or are you... a season where you have no idea if God is present in your life or if you’re loved? a transitional space of life or processing the deepest parts of being human like loss, grief, or other trans-rational spaces?

Has your spiritual life been dominated by a governing system for behaviors or the pursuit of intellect? Do you wish for something more emotional, deeper, more experiential?

Are you very intuitive or creative and have felt ‘missed’ by communities?


"When someone comes to me for SD it doesn’t really matter what their order (indoctrination) is.  Everything boils down to how they were raised, how what they learned of love from their parents is that it is conditional… and trying to get them to realize the unconditional love of a Triune God."  Fr. Richard Rohr.


Are you a non-Christian or former Christian and your only experience of Christianity has been exclusion or the threatening/punitive/judgmental use of Scripture and Doctrine?  I can hold space for you.

  • I’m sorry. We collective Christians have gotten so so so many things wrong for so long, and we are currently in a season of what Rohr refers to as The Great Humiliation. We’re seeing how wrong we’ve interpreted the Scriptures, we’re seeing the exclusionary and weapon-like ways we’ve used a most beautiful text against people. Many of us can see it. Many of us want to change our ways. Many of us spend every minute and hour of our days trying to correct the things we’ve gotten so wrong and trying to love people the way Christ (the Incarnate) did. You can’t read the New Testament without gathering that Jesus was a man of inclusion… not exclusion… and the sooner we can revamp the collective Christian Church to practice this… the better.

If you consider yourself ‘other’ according to societal standards… there’s a place for you in Spiritual Direction too.  SD is a 100% judgment-free zone.  I can hold space for you.

  • The God I follow is beyond all binaries or dualities that we humans have created in our misplaced ‘certainty.’ God is beyond gender, conservative/liberal, democrat/republican, male/female, heterosexual/homosexual… God is encompassing and beyond.

Are you post-Christian and wrestle regularly with the larger questions of life and what it looks like to come to know a higher power with all of the baggage from your indoctrination?  I can hold space for you.

good to know:


Spiritual Direction is 100% confidential within legal limitations. Though, the directee may share the experience as he/she wishes.



Notes are kept of each session that do not include specific pronouns or names in order to protect the directee.  I keep notes simply to aid my human memory.



The direction session is typically 1 hour once-a-month, but can always be arranged differently.



The rate for a one-hour session is $100, which the directee is expected to pay at the end of each session.  

what Direction is not:

NOT Advice

Direction is NOT life coaching. The director does not give advice or encourage any specific life choices, actions, or behaviors and therefore is free from responsibility of any actions or choices the directee makes.


NOT Psychotherapy

Though Counseling is a wonderful field, I am not trained in nor equipped for psychotherapy and will not venture into these realms with directees.  I hold the right to suggest or refer Directees to counselors on an as-needed basis.

What to expect of carin:


I am under the supervision of a more practiced director as per ethical and personal requirements. The directee's identity including name, profession, gender, etc. remain confidential within supervision sessions.



The director is responsible for facilitating a space in which the directee may seek to further and deepen his/her relationship with God and/or pursuit of transformation.  I also take seriously the responsibility of facilitating sacred space with others and will always be seeing my own spiritual director and engaging regular practices of Deep Soul Work.


the human/the director


Carin huebner

I facilitate or hold space for individuals to experience the unconditional love of a communal Godhead.  I hold space for individuals to wrestle with the deepest pieces of themselves, who they’ve found or experienced God to be, and how to grow in a deepening and transformational relationship with a God that is Love.

I grew up just outside of Houston, Texas where I began my journey of pursuing God in a United Methodist megachurch.  From a very early age I began wondering about relationship with God that is beyond an intellectual understanding as well as wondering around the involvement of art in the spiritual journey and practice.


from directees: 

Anonymous Directee (Used with permission)

""You (Carin) delivered what you say you offer "deep space."  What I experienced was the invitation to focus my attention both inwardly and Jesuswardly.  Your presence was gentle and responsive.  I like how you stayed the course of keeping me tuned into what God was brining up in thought, word, nudge... you helped me reconnect with the Source and I hung up being refreshed, re-focused, confident and excitedly determined to keep at it.... You felt to me both friendly/warm, and professional/trustworthy to lovingly lead.  You allowed me to put words to things and be in the moment while inviting me to stay there and not filter or retreat into my mind to hide."