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AUG. 18

7p @ Outspoke                        2803 Downing St. Denver, CO, 

We at FÓÐR are facilitating an amazing conversation over an incredible dinner and we want YOU to be there. The theme, RESILIENCY, is so crucial to our lives yet often unacknowledged. We walk everyday with resilient people moving toward transformation. Yet, so often we don't pause and recognize the amazing resiliency around us - how individuals push through the hardest obstacles or overcome the most challenging barriers - and it's about damn time we talk about it. We think you are resilient and strong and we think talking about what's made you resilient is POWERFUL. Whether your story is about overcoming a health problem, working through trauma, setting difficult boundaries with family, or navigating your spiritual journey - we want to hear it! So, will you join us as we lavish food and drink on you while we celebrate your stories of resiliency?

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Pursuing our better, more transformed selves can’t happen alone especially if we’re looking to transform society.  We at FODR believe the action piece of transformation begins in conversation with others, and what better place for conversation than around the dinner table?  FODR provides curated conversational dinners to encourage and empower one another while getting to share in the hardest parts of doing this thing called life.

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Photo by  +Simple  on  Unsplash

Photo by +Simple on Unsplash