Take Comfort: January Mindfulness Subscription Theme

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But in this post, we wanted to share a little more behind January’s Mindfulness Subscription theme: Take Comfort.

2017 was characterized by a lot of strife and hardship for a lot of different reasons for different people.  I don’t think it was an easy or just-plain-good year for many people (no matter where you land on socio-political views).  We, in the United States, have experienced seeing some underbellies of society that we didn’t think existed, more mass shootings, more natural disasters, and more death and destruction in personal and general ways.  It may just be us, but the world seems larger and darker in some ways on the other side of 2017.

We experienced Winter Solsitce on December 21st in 2017 and we’re on the other side.  We’ve made it through the shortest day of the year (the darkest day of the year) and we can begin noticing the light.  Winter has the potential of being very isolating and depressing for some of us that experience true Winter climates.  The darkness of the season can seem unrelenting and persistent.

We’re kicking off 2018 with the theme of Take Comfort, because we know that darkness is not the end.  We know that destruction is not the whole story.  We know that there is a God beyond all of this that is our Comfort and our Guide.  We know there is a force beyond all of this darkness that is light and love.  And though we know all of that in intellect, we want to know it deeper within us.  We want our inner worlds and our deep space to be marked by the presence of a comforting and ever-loving Creator.  

And so, we’re Taking Comfort.  We’re taking comfort from the pain inflicted by some of the social-political decisions enforced upon people this year.  We’re taking comfort from impending death and doom.  We’re taking comfort from fear mongering and harsh, evil language.  We’re taking comfort from the fact that the trajectory of human life is death.  We’re taking comfort in the God of all life and eternal life.

Join us this month as we Take Comfort.  We’ll provide the meditations, the prayers, the content… you show up… and you Take Comfort.