Made for One Thing

Photo by  Patrick Hendry  on  Unsplash

I was deeply struck Monday morning by createdness and the design of our identities.

There’s a massive 160 acre off leash dog area near our house that is just paradise for my pup.  My husband and I joke about how it’s not only the dog’s happy place, but mine too… that the pupper and I aren’t quite ourselves if it’s been awhile since our last visit.  The open space is teaching me to see and notice: in this space, I get to see the nuance and details of the seasons, I get to notice things that are so particular to this Western high country of the United States, and catalog changes in sounds, smell, and visual details that are different from our last visit.  

I once heard Richard Rohr describing his contemplative daily practices.  Rohr mentioned that simply walking out into his garden with his dog every morning is one of his favorite daily contemplative acts.  OH man, do I resonate with that.

As the dog and I were walking on Monday, I was taken aback by my little dog’s createdness.  He’s designed to retrieve.  One thing: retrieve.  It’s in his name, pedigree, and biology--he must retrieve.  My husband and I get massive amounts of heart swells from simply watching this little dog do what he’s been designed to do and how much pleasure he gets out of doing his duty.  Though this pup provides so much more to our family than simply bringing us things, it’s in seeing him do what he’s designed to do that we simply get to standby and admire how brilliant and focused he is.  I began to wonder at how, though we humans are designed for many many different things, maybe we simply have one job or duty.  And that this one destined job or duty is what makes the Creator’s heart just explode of joy, pride, and gushing love.  

It was easy for my mind to go down ‘the Call’ path here as if our one job or duty is something we actually have to do in this world.  While I think the calls and missions for our lives are very real, I think the thing that we do that brings the Creator most joy is loving--loving the Divine, ourselves, and one another.  When we sink into the true self (the beloved of the Divine), we are operating in our one thing.  And when we operate here, it brings the Divine the absolute most joy of all.

How simple.  

Since Monday, I’ve been asking daily: how can I better operate out of the space of the one thing?

What or how do you practice sinking into a space of love?