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Ep. 21 Investigative Journalism + How the News Affects Us w/ Brian Liberatore

This week, Heather and Andy talk to Brian Liberatore about his career several years ago, in which he was an investigative journalist in Florida. The team explore how investigative journalism has changed as news in general has changed and how the rapid pace of news affects us in the modern world. They also talk about accents and their cultural impact, Brian's new baby twins, the peace corps, and churches around the world.

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Ep. 10 Blockchain, the Future of Technology, + Sudden Spiritual Awakenings

Cohosts Andy and Heather talk with Collin Brown this week about blockchain, the future of technology in an uncertain world, sudden spiritual awakenings, and the unfortunate fate of many mummies. Collin has an extensive background in software and shares with us his hopes for the blockchain philosophy to grow beyond cryptocurrencies and help shape society for the better in the years to come. Get involved with blockchain at Maiden and hear stories from your fellow humans at Blue Shoe Media.

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