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Ep. 14 Neurodiversity, Art, + How Traveling Changes You w/ Andrea Moore

On this episode, cohosts Jesse + Carin dig deep with Andrea Moore, the Executive Director of The Wayfaring Band.  We chat about why Andrea started TWB that takes adults with disabilities on trips all over the world to engage dialog around inclusivity, neurodiversity, and mutuality.  Among other things, we get into art, spirituality, and why travelling is so important. We also talk about the emigration of Mennonites and how Colorado really is the largest state.

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Ep. 8 Facts Beyond Facts + Kickstarter w/ the Cohosts

This week all four cohosts invite you to join our Kickstarter and there are some unanimous yays, a guilt trip from Heather, some major knowledge on bananas, and some early bird shout outs to those that gave to our Kickstarter within the first week!  Spend 14 minutes with us to hear a little bit about what we’re inviting you into with our Kickstarter.

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