Ep. 3 Music Production + Meditation with Reed Fuchs

Photo by  drmakete lab  on  Unsplash

This week, Jesse and Andy talk to musician, producer, and entrepreneur Reed Fuchs. Reed plays in the band DeCollage, and is a founding member of Moon Magnet Studios. In this episode, the crew talk about misadventures in camping, moving from pastoral aspirations to kaleidoscopic adventure rock, and spiritual practice through meditation. Reed specifically talks about his love of the Lectio Divina practice.

This episode was recorded two months ago, so we have an update on the Salvador Dali story:

Also, in our segment "What in the World is Happening?" we talk about the article:


A more recent (and more accurate) article refutes and expands upon this story:


You can check out DeCollage's music here:

As well as Moon Magnet's television program "Cosmic Pineapple," here: