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Ep. 21 Investigative Journalism + How the News Affects Us w/ Brian Liberatore

This week, Heather and Andy talk to Brian Liberatore about his career several years ago, in which he was an investigative journalist in Florida. The team explore how investigative journalism has changed as news in general has changed and how the rapid pace of news affects us in the modern world. They also talk about accents and their cultural impact, Brian's new baby twins, the peace corps, and churches around the world.

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Ep. 19 Being Factual, Theater to Empower Communities, + Tiny Living w/ Andrea Rabold

This week cohosts Andy Ininns and Jesse Huebner speak with the Executive Director of Mirror Image Arts about positive community impact, how theater can create that impact, and philosphize around being factual.  The crew dives into mental wellness and how we all can give bullying less of a chance to exist as well as the hope that everyone in this human community can feel their value.

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Ep. 18 Everything Brains, Child Literacy, + Fur Babes w/ Kiomi Villar

This week cohosts Heather Stone and Carin Huebner talk to Kiomi Villar about the human brain.  We’re talking neurofeedback and retraining the brain to lessen symptoms of traumatic brain injury, head trauma, and cognitive behavioral differences like anxiety and depression.  Never heard of neurofeedback?  We hadn’t either until we met Kiomi.  Kiomi lets us into how neurofeedback can change individuals’ lives and tells us about her most recent research project helping with child literacy.

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