(The Formal Bio)

Carin Huebner is a Denver-based Spiritual Director interested in intersections between creative processes and the Christian formational Journey.  She obtained her Master of Arts in Christian Formation and Soul Care from Denver Seminary in May 2015 and her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Art Photography from Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, DC in May 2012.  Carin is passionate about God’s continual creation in His people through transformation and how creative processes allow them to see God’s work in their lives.  In May 2015, Carin completed her Master’s thesis in which she created her own formational journey model based in the artist’s creative process.  Carin specializes in direction with creatives and artists, but loves the specific rhythms of all walks of life.  Through her training at Denver Seminary, Carin has acquired skills in many prayer practices, formational journey models, listening practices, and some healing prayer exercises.

(The fun stuff)

I (Carin) grew up in an upper-middle-class suburban town outside of Houston, Texas.  After becoming a Christian (when I was 9 years old), I constantly wrestled with a place for deep feelers and artists in the Church I had seen and experienced.  Being a member of the church always seemed to be a very heady pursuit that missed a large portion of Who I had heard and experienced God to be.  I began searching for ways to process my feelings and experiences with God through art.  In my mid-20's, driven by a desire to make more informed art, I found myself in Seminary where I was introduced to Spiritual Direction rather than the Biblical Studies major I thought I had previously been called toward.  I had finally found my people within the most vague program on the Denver Seminary website.  I should have known, because I live most of life in the deep, inexplicable portions of this human existence.

Though I was indoctrinated Methodist, and educated by a formerly Baptist Seminary, I pertain most to a Christian Mystical Tradition.  I am a mixture of Wesleyan love and mission married with the intellect of fundamentalism and the contemplative openness and expression of the Desert Ammas and Abbas. 

My all-time mentors include: Krista Tippett, Richard Rohr, St. Francis of Assisi, Cy Twombly, Kandinsky, Rainer Maria Rilke, Bob Dylan, Gerhard Richter, Rothko, Rumi, and Sigur Ros. 

I can't get enough of this gift that is living in Colorado.  I love getting outdoors with my husband and 18-month-old Chocolate Labrador named Goose Taco.  I love good food, good people, and good conversation, but I am bowled over by beauty, hope, and vision.